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SILVER SENIOR CARE and our "Circle of Protection" provides valuable benefits and services specifically for seniors and their caregivers.

The "Circle of Protection"trademarked by Symphony65 - 2007
  1. Medical Alert Systems
  2. America's 24 hour healthline!
  3. Senior Services
  4. Discount Prescription Programs
  5. Long Term Care


Our collection of products & services are important for every family caring for senior parents or siblings.

  • Advances in medical care will allow us to live longer.
  • The number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement over the next 20 years will be overwhelming. By the year 2037, the population of seniors over age 85 will exceed 15 million!!!
  • Our aging population will require assistance for managing the tasks of everyday life.
  • Up to 80% of our seniors will receive care from their families.
  • The average American woman can expect to spend more years caring for and assisting her parents than she spent raising her own children.
The "Circle of Protection" makes life easier for independent seniors and their families.

Learn about Silver Senior Care.

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